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"If you're not having

fun, then neither is your crowd."  - DJ SKINNY

As one of the staples in South Florida nightlife, DJ Skinny has been a notorious venue maestro for the past decade. From early in his career he was a songwriter who also produced, and choreographed professionally.

His DJ career was propelled to another level in 2011 with the creation of Skinny Man Entertainment, which focused not just his bookings, but the booking of other iconic DJ's in the business.

DJ Skinny has blessed crowds in the tens of thousands from legendary Concerts like Calle Ocho (Miami), to intimate upscale settings like Vic & Angelos (Delray).

On top of his regular schedule, DJ Skinny currently holds residencies weekly at Tarpon Bend (Coral Gables) and The Office (Delray), yet still makes time to consult (Audio/Visual), produce, and is sponsored/endorsed by brands like Gibson Pro Audio, DAS Audio, and BurgerFi, to name a few. Working with legends like Rob Base and Lisa Lisa to international platinum stars like Kevin Lyttle is a typical thing with this party rocker as he continues to orchestrate party goers across the country.

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